The Easiest Homemade: Berry Danishes

I’m not a huge fan of fruit danishes, I’m not quite sure why considering I love cheese, dough and fruit. Yet, I still decided to make a few since everyone around me absolutely loves them. I bet you love them too!

Technically, these guys are not 100% homemade… since I opted to buy a box of frozen puff pastry that was on sale at my local grocery store. To save even more time I even got the box of puff pastries that were precut so I didn’t have to worry about cutting anything.  Yes, I’m a bit ridiculous. I have no shame about it. (more…)

Healthy Crockpot Applesauce

Ah. It’s the beginning of the year and time for the other half of my wisdom teeth to say adios. I love apples but the thought of processed applesauce usually scares me, it’s like I am eating an imposter pretending to be apples.

I will never understand why companies add so much sugar to an already sugary fruit. Why ruin a good thing?

This recipe is SO EASY- you’ll never want store-bought applesauce again! Trust me.


San Antonio Eats: Restaurant Week: Southerleigh Brewery

San Antonio Restaurant Week: Southerleigh at Pearl Brewery

Jan 16th-28th

San Antonio Restaurant week is here! Please see below for a brief summary

All participating restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds to benefit The Culinaria Farm. With each meal ordered for San Antonio Restaurant Week, participating restaurants will donate $1 from each lunch menu and $2 from each dinner menu ordered.

Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

136 E Grayson St, Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78215 P 210- 455-5701 W

Lunch is $15 Dinner is $35 (more…)

The Easiest Homemade : Charro Beans

          Growing up in the valley… Majority of Mexican restaurants offered a complimentary side of Charro beans when you sat down. The flavor of the beans were absolutely scrumptious and filling. It’s basically a bean soup where you can customize it to add beer or add several different kinds of meats, while the star of the dish is still the pinto beans.


San Antonio Eats: MAX’s Wine & Dine

Address: Quarry Village, 340 E Basse Rd #101, San Antonio, TX 78209

Phone: (210) 444-9547

A friend and I were invited to try out their new seasonal menu on his 30th birthday.  I should admit I was a little apprehensive about eating here since we usually drift away from food chains.  In the end, I was delighted and felt like I was eating a home cooked meal without having to be at home. I can’t wait to go back for a Sunday brunch with mimosas!


San Antonio Eats: Restaurant Week: Larder at Hotel Emma

136 E. Grayson, San Antonio, TX 78215

Lunch: $10

Includes: A yummy sandwich that you choose, deep river chips and Topo Chico Agua Mineral

We’ve been so busy with work and the house we totally skipped breakfast and lunch. We wanted to still take part in SARW (San Antonio Restaurant Week) but we were honestly too tired to wait till dinner participating restaurants and lazy to call to make reservations. So what is one to do at 5pm with a roaring tummy?


Houston Eats: The Honeymoon Café & Bar

Can’t decide where to brunch in Houston? If you’re thinking of somewhere with a significant other…

Located in the heart of downtown Houston lies an adorable café with the most relaxed outdoor seating to a subtly refined French décor inside. Frank Sinatra “I’ve got a crush on you” played as I sipped my scrumptious caramel latte. Coffee drinker or not… Boomtown coffee inventory range from around the world from Ethiopia to Guatemala –  their beans won my heart. Well, at least their caramel latte did.  😉


San Antonio Eats: Stella Public House

I spent majority of the day losing myself in the wooden hike trails with Gandalf (my one year old Weimaraner) on 976 acres of McAlister Park. Hungry to the point of frustration images of pizza, liquor, meatballs and cake came to mind and I knew just the place to go. San Antonio has several great pizza eateries but I had an 80lb oversized puppy with me and who has time to go back home and drop him off after such an outdoor adventure!?  I was racing to stay in that perfect window between my stomach yelling at me and happy hour.

Off to Stella Public House…

Stella Public House Lamb Meatballs


Mango Paletas

I grew up in the valley where you could buy a fajita taco in a gas station or find a fruit stand pretty much in any corner. Down the street was the Mexican border in which you’d find an abundant supply of children selling paletas in their bell-ringing ­carts. Summer has arrived in Texas and I find myself craving anything cold 24-7.



Are succulents for me?

  • DIY
  • May 27, 2016


Aren’t succulents adorable? They come in all sizes from baby to momma.  They are tremendously easy to support. I mean, I’ve yet to murder my green friends. Which speaks volumes of how easy these guys are to maintain.